Day 24: The Game Is Up

The Game Is Up

We thought so,
He had time; time was honest.
A man driven, he had miserable times,
He was over, over taken,
A decent man driven honest,
This man was retirement,
He had time,
We thought so.


Source: Telegraph, Sports Section, “Moyers Sacking — We Thought So: The Game Is Up”

Written for The Found Poetry Review, Day 24 “Homosyntaxism” (NVA). Homosyntaxism is a method of translation that preserves only the syntactic order of the original words. To give a rudimentary example, if N=noun, V=verb and A=adjective, the outline NVA could yield solutions such as “The day turned cold,” “Violets are blue,” “An Oulipian! Be wary!”) Option 1: Choose a sentence from your newspaper source text and write as many homosyntaxisms as possible based on that same variation. Option 2: Complete a homosyntaxism of an entire paragraph or article found in your text.

Day 23: Seawater Vortices and a Smoke Ring

Seawater Vortices and a Smoke Ring

vortex science, island realm,
whales sharks plankton ships,
fragments obstacles, fish,
plastic Pacific
particle raft  — its
and and, but —
much becomes,
may more than often can,
and and, but —
trapped, take held, rotating,
circulation showing,
circumnavigation, spinning
of in for , for —
tiny wide, such local large,
than than, rather, can —
painted trap, concentrate
more more, much —


Day 23: Found Poetry Review Oulipost — Inventory
Source: Telegraph “From Smoke Rings to Spinning Seawater: The Science of Vortices

Day 22: Douglas


He’s a practised Scotsman, aye, he is.
Churchgoing, sings in the choir. Aye.
Of sturdy voice, of speech you’d
hear in an ironmongery. Aye, ‘ts true.
He’s a burly man, stubby in proportion,
well spoken, aye, and blessed round
with good humour. I am a fortunate
soul to be his friend. Aye, I am.


A Conduplicatio poem written for Miz Quickly’s Day 22: Repetition Day

Day 22: A Focus on the No. 8 Bus

A Focus on the No. 8 Bus

We are anything but undivided,
wit and play, we humans of pleading
seasons. Count them like melancholy
in fours. Persuasive movements from
newborn to the wain of our own end.
We are the companion colour
of change, its focus forward,
a chosen titter, a surprised guffaw,
when we meet our time. All of us.

Much as when the #8 bus arrives on time …


Written for Elizabeth’s napowrimo Day 22 Wordles 


Day 22: Without Title or Reason


Without Title or Reason

No one felt this,
Chinese nor Persians wrong,

its wavering,
its indecision of old years

and shallows
of summer. This is no less

a din-less finish, last
of autumn. No blossoms,

no bird song,
bleakest famine.

We are wainers,
of lambs cloistered tight.


Written for Oulipost Day 22: Antonymy

Today’s exercise: In Oulipian usage, antonymy means the replacement of a designated element by its opposite. Each word is replaced by its opposite, when one exists (black/white) or by an alternative suggesting antonymy (a/the, and/or, glass/wood).

Source: The Telegraph, Perfect spring veg for Easter Monday roast lamb, by Stevie Parle [note: wainer is a slang for a dozy person]