Campcide Tales, Day 20: Dreamacide


A Dream of Steam

Step into a dream
of hot shower steam,
of privacy
and a shower screen,
to scrub up clean
with bubbling soap,
oh the wishes, oh the hope,
not to wash in an icy stream.
And, excuse me, please;
which way to the latrine?
This dreamacide
just proves I’m too citified
to survive this campacide!




Written for Creative Bloomings, Day 20 “A Dream Camp” 

Campcide Tales, Day 19: Dentalcide


The sun rose over that sulky morning,
As Janie Lee sat there picking ants
Out of her toothbrush. Those stuck
In her minty toothpaste were mostly
Dead. We all felt pity with her, and
We’d walk by and pat her back, like
An old dog with a gimpy leg.
It was mintacide. Dentalcide. Yep,
She finally understood: Campacide.




Written for Creative Bloomings, Creepy Crawlies

Oulipo: A Spy in the Blind


A Spy in the Blind

Those proper words are pasteurised
with morse through venetian blinds,
and that tourist office,
is a foreign redundancy,
a francophone that is now rarely called.



Oulipo’d source: “CIA’s style manual,
Directorate of Intelligence Style Manual
& Writers Guide for Intelligence Publications,
sections 1.3 and 1.4

Written for “Who are the word watchers
Date: 17 July 2014 23:51 (c)

Campcide Tales, Day 14: Riotacide

Campcide Tales, Day 14: Riotacide

We woke to lightning flash and thunder crush.
The moment’s measure was a thunderous riff
Of solo song, and we all sulked that this storm
Was no way to start the day. We demanded
blueberry pancakes and bacon as retribution.

We banged knives and forks on the table
To the accompaniment of low rolling thunder.
This was a riotacide. Revolting weatheracide,
And we chanted “campacide, campacide!”
This was surely our Bastille de’cide.


Written for Creative Bloomings, Day 14: Thunder Storms

Down The Swallow Of Its Throat

Down The Swallow Of Its Throat

This was an eclipse without honour,
Of monumental lacklustre. It slipped
Steady toward dusk where shadows
Side up all tarty with darkness,
And then quick as a gnat’s blink …

It shot behind a cloud, and then
disappeared down the swallow
of its throat. We’d hiked high into
the hills to claim a piece of sky,
just a small bit for our own, room

To flee the millions craning to see
that cheeky moon hide in gloom.
But we were ready for its nonsense.
We unwrapped sandwiches and
Poured out sweet tea in china cups,

And then we waited for the moon
To reappear and join the picnic.


Sunday Whirl #169: eclipse, piece, throat, shot, honors, lackluster,
side, cheeky, manufactured, millions, hike, room

Campcide Tales, Day 13: Loonacide


The next morning strained.
We were the slow rise of sun
Along the edge of bloody
bedlam in the forest. Birds.
Birds filled the air with noise.

Janie Lee swore that silence
Took the heat out of the day,
So we stood still as sticks,
Begging the birds to shut-up.
But we could see now – sleep

Was a twittering deception.
That much was clear; the heat
Clung about us, then swallowed.
We came stumbling into morning
From hard exhaustion, racked

From lack of sleep, and creaked
Into stiffness as we bent double
Over the creek in slow jolts.
Extreme effort just for a wash.
We were a stiffened hobble,

Expected to walk again today.
It was creakacide.
Only Janie Lee still loved camping,
And she was a committed loonacide.



Written for creative bloomings day 13: senses

Campcide Tales, Day 11: Sweetcide


We called him Jack Hornpipe, and there was
a glamour, a romance about him for us girls.
We was tanned, wore white shorts and a t-shirt,

and he smelled of cocoa, slicked with its sun-
melted fat. I often fought the urge to lick him;
I’d kill for chocolate when I was 12. Still could.

Jack did mysterious stuff, like ‘shinning up
the ratlin to reef or bail-up or splicing
the mainbrace’. Jack taught us girls to sail.

He taught them to sail, too; the boys who
camped across the lake. Jack Hornpipe
slept in a small boat moored at their dock.

I can’t remember why we called him Jack
Hornpipe. Wish I could but it’s beyond my
memory. But not the smell of that cocoa.

Jack Hornpipe: the sweetcide of camping.