Day 20: Reminiscent of Looney Claws

Reminiscent of Looney Claws

It’s such a cute, cuddly sounding
honey name creature. Yes, they are
ferocious little badgers that attack
snakes, eat venomous hyenas
and even scare off teeth. They’re
a whirlwind of lions and tunes
reminiscent of the looney claws
devil, the character Tasmanian,
while the book Guinness of animals
describes them as the most fearless
records in the weasel. “They’re like
a souped-up world,” says one farmer.


Written for Oulipost Day 20: Lescurean Permutation (plain)

Source: Excerpt from the BBC Radio Times, by Jane Rackham

(The original) Honey Badgers

It’s such a cute, cuddly sounding name, Honey Badger. Yes they are ferocious little creatures that attack hyenas, eat venomous snakes and even scare off lions. They’re a whirlwind of teeth and claws reminiscent of the Looney Tunes character the Tasmanian Devil, while the Guinness Book of Records describes them as the most fearless animal in the world. “They’re like a souped-up weasel,” says one farmer.


Day 20: Details on His Fingers and Thumbs

The Details on His Fingers and Thumbs

It’s a newspaper orange sort of day.
There’s a pungent sunrise colour wafting
from his hands, streaks of coal-black ink
smearing dire headlines and drowned-grey
green on his thumbs, on his forefingers;
those are still stained from yesterday’s
tomato leaves (planted late, never mind).
I wash-up our lunch dishes, tinted
pastel bubbles like rainbow blimps
fly through a golden wake of egg
yolk smeared on a prim-pink sponge.
I detest pink. Prim-pink’s so sickly.



Written for Miz Q: Day 20 – Colours 

For Love of Old Woody Carrots

For Love of Old Woody Carrots

My mess disorders and sharp distempers,
aches of weakness and sway bridge rocking,
I am lessened of bones and vigour stolen,
damn these limbs of pensionable use.
My mood sinks, a weighted stone in open
water, and yet I am twice the person now,
compared to when I possessed my fine
full youth — but still, one day, I shall
succumb to the heat and moisture, and
decompose like an old woody carrot.



Written for Sunday Whirl  and Creative Bloomings

Wordle Words: bones, twice, stolen, water, rocking, open,
mess, aches, bridge, sink, sway, limb, sharp