The Language of Mirrors

The Language of Mirrors Those reflections From the mirror Family Children Through the years Reflections Through the glass From windows Garden greens Rain on reds Impatients white Those reflections From cornflowers Blueing sky Reflections pouring Down on me     written for MLMM prompt 117

Miz Quickly on a Cascade

There Were Lilies and Roses and a Hearse You left us, like unripe fruit, standing there, in our deep November chill with the rolling soft, soft murmurs of wind. You left us like unripe fruit. Snow swallowing our shoes, and the sun crisp as cornflakes. Standing there, as the hearse swept you away, and we … Continue reading Miz Quickly on a Cascade

Stuck on Miz Quickly

Stuck Let’s be drawers. I’ll be swollen and sticking tight. Pry me, and grab at my handle and yank me about, and I’ll be obstinate and won’t budge a notch, I’ll stick and keep your frayed unmentionables well undiscovered in the dark, your socks rolled tight as little pigs in a blanket, and you’ll run … Continue reading Stuck on Miz Quickly

Raking Through the Days

Raking Through the Days This should have been a fine day, a day of bare-back, unwashed yellow beaming clean as astringent, the way only yellow can, but our hopes turned into spells of Orkney grey, that colour that rakes over governmental buildings. And the day drew long as drawers, mist dipping in and out of … Continue reading Raking Through the Days

Phoenix Days 18: The Great Wall of China

Lost in an Old Silence quiet settles along the wall. falls like moonlight white as frost. lost in footfall, ancient wall. quiet, silence, to bind your breach.   inspired by Phoenix Rising Day 18: Great Wall of China. image is from Flickr Common Collection, British Archive. No copyright or restriction CC-00

Phoenix Days 10: Niagara Falls

Waterfall lips pour your name, mist thin and burning cold as pale-spun milk, and I have this yearning to drink in your thrill as you chase the edge to be free, to fall and fall forever into a veiled halo of all others.     written for Phoenix Day 10: “Niagara Falls”

Those Malicious Stars

Those Malicious Stars I am just another child. Crying, dribbling, feeble. Shrieking and cutting teeth. I’m chicken-poxed, rosy- rashed, and whooping-coughed. Just another damaged child born under malicious stars, and stowed as dunnage. So I sit on my naughty stair, my ugly step, watching. Learning…     written for AprilPAD Day 12: “Damaged”. Published by … Continue reading Those Malicious Stars