Found Poetry: A Tale of Shipwreck

A Tale of Shipwreck

Look on
its wreck half sunk
in frown and wrinkled lip,
whose sneer
mocked the heart
and fed despair.
There boundless bare
on level sands,
there lone,
to tell,
who stands.



for Magpie Tales. Poetic Form Found/Syntex Method Concordance (“and” ++2) and then remixed, from Shelley’s “Ozymandias”

For Sunday Whirl’s Wordle #237

Six More Random Thoughts

There isn’t time for falling to pieces,
so I wear clothes to match the colour of weather.

I believe in small things — autumn fog that ramps
over the bay, brown scuffed shoes, grey hair, and dust.

The wind drones on like sorrow, chops away
at everyone’s day like grey sheets on a clothesline.

I watch the world grow old, subscribe to the laws
of the wise and weary, where a nap is mending.

I’ve never seen a buck, ‘though they exist,
just as I’ve never seen a star – only its light.

There’s a steady silence when I walk, a noise-
less hike, and I cross into an unwalled space.


Wordle words for #237: piece, bucks, hike, law, match, ramp, drone, cross, chop, bay, see, believe

Found in The Masses: No. 3


Bells jingle on horses,
display ribbons
and feather hats.
They are blind to the reins
in noiseless glitter of sun.


This is a Found and Remixed poem taken from the text of “The Masses Publishing Company”, Vol 1, No. 1, Jan 1911 “Must It Be So?” by Leo Tolstoy. The original is viewable at The Masses.

For Margo’s Lights Out

You Never Expect the Unexpected

The lights have gone out.
Three AM. No power. Again.
It seems darker than usual.
And I can hear my heart thump.
Darkness. As silent as that
reflection on the wall. From
a mirror. A street lamp. A dim glow,
like that feeling when you
wake after a restless night.
My fingers search the silence,
and the black and the muteness.
Reaffirming touch; the light switch.
Nothing. Is it, I wonder,
that the lights are out,
or has my life run out? And then
my mobile phone rings.
It must be hell,
if mobiles are allowed.


written for Margo’s Lights Out prompt