Poetry Chain Day 4: Remixed Recipe

Thin as a Flash A slit of butter thin as a flash, juicy and wiping and that makes it better, still fry fry to nonstick sticky. Then rest 5 minutes.     Found and remixed recipe “Steak sandwich, and Buttery leeks and chicken burger”, by Nigel Slater “eat“, first published by Fourth Estate 2013.

Poetry Chain Day: 2 – Found in a Recipe

The Taste of Breeze soaked like butter golden, so dark this sticky fragrance, passing on a breeze like soothing garlic do not freeze     Found and remixed recipe “Courgette with Bacon Gremolata”, by Nigel Slater “eat” page 94-95, first published by Fourth Estate 2013.  

Poetry Chain Day 1: Found Prose

Originally posted on Who Is Selma Siri:
Dancing with a Curiosity The day is all alive – like a fair, and the windows have something new to stare at — summoning their gaze inward for a time, their skittling eyes tracking me like white gloves across dustiness. And I am dancing with a curiosity. Dancing,…

The Boy Who Mends

The Boy Who Mends He has this humming sort of laugh, like a happy bee chasing the sun, and he sits on a milking stool outside a sun-bleached stone croft. Keeps one eye on the sheep and one eye on his needlework, and he mends socks for a penny and linens for three. It’s a quiet countrified … Continue reading The Boy Who Mends

Fairies in the Ivy

Fairies in the Ivy she called on fairies for their sight. wings to fly, to find a child, lost and longing, rushing to drown in the sun. an anguish roar, lost winds they fought, a sweeping breeze lit a sightless flame — saying.saying.praying.praying candle flicker die on wick grieving light in darkness thick — but … Continue reading Fairies in the Ivy