Week 1 Poetry Workshop

Remixing Found Text for the Coursera Poetry Workshop at California Institute of Arts   All Those Tomorrows Tomorrow. And Tomorrow. And tomorrow creeps in this petty pace. From day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time. And all our yesterdays have lighted fools. The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s … Continue reading Week 1 Poetry Workshop

An Autumn Haiku

Speak to me of green Slurred colours on a ripple Acorns dropping. Bounce.         Note: Haiku is my least favourite form of poetry. It’s rigid and claustrophobic, and I find it completely alien. I must get over that. By the way … the image is mine, effects done with “Waterlogued” Continue reading An Autumn Haiku

A Found Wall for Margo

Observations Of A Found Wall … That wall. Beyond. If allowed to speak would be eloquent. Strong minded. A mystification. The morning was a measure of come and goings, the visits of fifteen men, twelve women, two boys and three girls. A small assemblage for around a roaring fire. And one riled drunken sailor and, … Continue reading A Found Wall for Margo

A Troiku Poem

When The Sea Returns Her Keep ( A Troiku) tempestuous sea turning her back to the sky carved up in a wave tempestuous sea hears the call of all those lost from line or bait, or boat drown turning her back to the sky swallowing clouds, riding the fog a return of bones for tears … Continue reading A Troiku Poem

Miz Quickly Defines

Migrate: Defined the ducks, the geese, and sparrow, see them bolt to south. they fly on feathered sky, and skate on slate-ish buckled clouds. their wings awash with sun, those songsters leave us low, standing here, arrested on our heavy, fragile bones.   Miz Quickly wants abstractions, a definition without mentioning the word. The world … Continue reading Miz Quickly Defines

Some Change for Miz Quickly

Moonvine on Twilight’s Pull The sky brewed clouds, a chariot roll, laughter shaking thunder, and in the face of day, shining in joyous mock the moon was milky white. There in grace, gliding through vine and leaf, it climbed a twilight strangle, and it held those glistening clouds, as the moonvine bloomed with thunder.   written for Miz Quickly. Image … Continue reading Some Change for Miz Quickly

Furling for Margo

No Longer Summer It was After the wheat grew Huge and strong, Stalks dried silver Grains dripped gold, When Summer Unfurled its copper Across the earth, In colours warmer Than our ashen Hearths. And it was Then that we Furled ourselves Back into woollens.     written for Margo’s Furl prompt. Picture is my own waterlogued … Continue reading Furling for Margo

The Chaos Theory

The Chaos Theory Summer’s growing tired, the sun blindly battling through cloudy greys, drying leaves falling into dust underfoot. Don’t mention rain, there’s been no rain. And when it does, it’s a courtroom gavel pounding the pavements, spilled floods coursing and bubbling up from drains – it’s the nature of chaos. And I predictably feel … Continue reading The Chaos Theory