Left and Right

6 thoughts on “Left and Right”

  1. Hold your hands up with the palms facing forward, fingers pointing to the sky and thumbs stretched out to the side at 90 degrees and one side makes an L for left the other doesn’t, though if you are dyslexic that doesn’t necessarily help. I feel sorry for this lady. I want to help her. I get lost all the time too.

  2. At first they both looked like an L but then second glance showed the differences. That’s certainly less obvious than air-writing. I also wear my wedding band on my right hand; that helps, too. ‘marriage; right hand; right decision’ … whereas left doesn’t add up so nicely … ‘marriage and left shouldn’t be allowed to share the same space’. I’m not superstitious – it’s just a method of quick identification without being obvious.

  3. Yes, I should be left-handed. I write with my right, quite well I might add because I had to write lines and lines and lines to improve my penmanship. Scissors go in my left, but pruning shears in my right. Shovel: left-footed. I used to be a runner/sprinter in high school – left foot forward for start always. Use a knife with my right. So I’m just all mixed up, plus this annoying thing with numbers, which is called dyscalculia. I found out that I had that condition when I was in my late-20s.

    1. I’m a leftie and so is B. I think he has dyscalculia too and a bit of dyslexia. On the other hand he can read an IKEA flatpack diagram the way I read a book. We fold sheets beautifully together, like birds turning in a flock on the wing. It’s why I married him. :)

  4. Interesting. I also have a very (very!) high functioning ability for mechanical reasoning. When the garage door crashed to the floor this weekend, I could instantly see how to fix it. Peder couldn’t. It just seemed dead easy to me, probably in the same way that he can do complex algebra in his head.

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