Just A Small Wrinkle

Just A Small Wrinkle

Lillian and Hugh live in flat 2B
Everyone says she’s a kept woman
A degree of dependence
that both he and she crave,
and every morning she awakes
with her face rumpled into
the deep wrinkles of the sheets.


Despite a frown that she displayed
in public like jewels, the secret
she kept was rumbled. The man
that she loved, who could crumble
and rumple her heart –
with his smile,
with her smile,
he could make her giggle with joy.
There was a mutual dependence
on each other for a private
exchange of rumbled affections.

Three Word Wednesday: Prompt Words – Kept, Rumple, Dependence

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  1. Sounds like someone I know…

  2. Wonderful use of the words.
    Kept woman….! I wonder how many would relate?

  3. lovely thank you – very evocative!!

  4. wonderful done both of these are well done

  5. kept woman reminds me of edgy film noir and your second of a
    sweet romantic movie.

  6. Having a good rumble is what makes the world go round.

  7. very sweet, it is so nice to come home at the end of the day and read something that makes you smile = )

  8. I enjoyed both of these

  9. Very nice. Especially liked “rumpled affections” and the way he could make her giggle. Such comfort and such pleasure, woven together, paint a beautiful picture of love.

  10. Liked them both :) Well done!

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