Day 22 and 19 AprPAD NaPoWriMo



I hoped that he’d never love me,
And he’s never kissed my mouth,
But I’m not a stricken bird,
Unable to reach the south.

I know not if he loves me,
Tonight my heart is glad;
His kiss was oh so wonderful,
Beyond all the dreams I had.

~ Original poem written by Sarah Teasdale

Day 22 Poetic Asides Prompt: Judgement
NaPoWriMo Prompt: Take a poem and change it so it’s opposite of how the original author wrote it.  Day19 April NaPoWriMo
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  1. You did very well with this prompt. From having done it myself, I know it is not easy to write an ‘opposite’ poem that makes sense. You accomplished it.

  2. Sweetly done! I had fun with that opposites one too!

  3. This opposite is very cute. I will do that prompt, too. No matter it’s a bit belated, I had no time on the original day :-)

  4. Way to step up to the challenge! I love this. :)

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