Decanting A Whistle

25 thoughts on “Decanting A Whistle”

  1. Misky, delightful. Love where you took “whistle” and the other wordle words. That was an inspired choice. I love the ending, with the decanting of the jasmine.


  2. I really dig that second stanza.

    “Whistle a long, hollow refrain,
    beat thunder and lightning from taut skins
    of drums, while unhinged dancing demons
    spray montage graffiti on the walls.”

    That’s great.

  3. Beautiful lines, like these:

    crumbs fallen between bleached ivory keys,
    our chorus revealing just
    how flawed our voices can be.

  4. Hi Misk! Your blogs are really wonderful and really beautiful. Love all of your pictures including the ones from your food blog (I love ginger).

    Well, my favorite stanza was your last:

    “that bleed hot colours into the sunset,
    and where we decant the scent of jasmine
    into the evening air, our breath
    a long and ethereal song.”

    My favorite word: Warble

    1. Oh my, Benjamin, such high praise! I’m very happy that you enjoyed reading it, and thank you ever so much for leaving your comment. I am very appreciative of your support and kind comments. :)

  5. ‘Whistle an incantation,
    a litany to a Doma domain
    of granite spires and rose windows
    that bleed hot colours into the sunset,’

    Those holy places decorated with colored glass…that is one way to look at the light through them ‘bleeding’. I read some where that a ‘Rose or stained glass window was to represent womanhood’ – so then to me the blood aspect works quite well.
    Thanks for your visit and comment on ‘Crust’
    You might also like my first attempt at the wordle list here:

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