Wordle 66, Living on a Swing

24 thoughts on “Wordle 66, Living on a Swing”

  1. I love this! Beautiful writing. Your images are gorgeous: “Stroked flecks
    of painted heat,” and “dresses a powder dewy spray to fling and cover
    the melancholy of another day.”

  2. This reminds me somewhat of a Victorian scene. Lady governess’s keeping their children happy with fun and games. A very light, visual and eloquent read. Lovely. :)

  3. Yes, mistresses of the 1800’s that is what came to my mind too. Those scenes you knew played out, and yet didn’t speak of…yet longed for, perhaps.

    There is always that one ‘tricky’ wordle. Helps us to stretch, a small step or a leap. Thanks for your visit.

    1. Hi Benjamin. Thank you. Very pleased that you took the time to read it and leave a comment. I was more of a monkeybar girl, myself.

  4. Misky, truly wonderful poem you’ve written.
    Like the whole flow and these beginning lines:

    Stroked flecks
    of painted heat,
    housed in frames,
    bound in books.

  5. Misky, my apologies for not reading this sooner. I have been having some cervical issues, and am wearing a neck brace for another ten days, ugh!! I love this poem and the second stanza sings beautifully.


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