ADIEU TO SUMMER (poetic form: Lento)

Poem written in the “Lento” form.

ADIEU TO SUMMER     (poetic form: Lento)

Heat that weaves and shreds simmering light
wheat baubles strung on stalks knee-height
fleeting clouds that lumber white on
bittersweet summer days of fading light.

We watch summer colours slide to autumn
trees choosing reds and gilded aurum
bees drunk on roses nectared blossoms
We flee these days for winter’s chasm.

Poetic Form: The Lento – Two quatrains (2 stanzas, 4 lines each, for a total of 8 lines), the first words in each line of a stanza should rhyme (for a first-word rhyme scheme of AAAA BBBB). The end of the second and fourth lines should rhyme. Rhyme scheme might be AAAA/BBBB, ABCB DEFE, or it could be ABAB CDCD. All lines should be more or less of the same length.

Author: Misky

‘Misky’ lives in the UK surrounded by flowers, freshly baked bread, and always keeps dog biscuits in her pocket for her blind Springer Spaniel. She never buys clothing without pockets. Her work is widely published.

13 thoughts on “ADIEU TO SUMMER (poetic form: Lento)”

  1. Love the last three lines especially!!! Great poem written in a form I don’t think I’ve tried that one yet…It seems I’m missing some Khara House magical challenge fun, too!! I need to catch up with the times!!!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! It’s actually quite tricky to do, at least I found so. Gladly there’s no syllable count otherwise I would’ve been on the floor sobbing. 😀

    1. Of course! You can spell spelled as spelt or learned as learnt, if you want. It’s not only Brits who spell with “ou”s. That spelling is also native to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, all of Europe who use British English spelling, Hong Kong … so it would seem the US spelling is the odd one out.

  2. Such a lovely summer poem. I haven’t been brave yet. I suppose this morning will have to be my time. I’ve put off the torture long enough.

    Misky, you allow the words to roll from one another in a wave that takes the reader along for the ride, until you want them to stop for a longer look at the scenery. I haven’t figure out how you manage that yet, but I’m working on it.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. And I’m with Laurie. Loved that line.

  3. Well, Misky, you took the trophy and well deserved. I finally put one together this morning. I have to admit I’d really have to work at liking this form, but I did manage to get something down. Here it is in all it’s glory,

    Nature’s Parade

    Master of an artist’s color palette,
    Aster places itself before the viewer;
    Faster it glides onto autumn’s ballot,
    Blaster of brilliant hues, never fewer

    Than a multitude of bright faces
    Man can appreciate from summer’s end,
    Bans concern of colder months’ paces,
    Fans embers of life’s verses penned.

    It’s the best I could do this morning, I’m afraid. Hope you enjoy it.

    1. Oh, Claudsy! I think that’s quite wonderful! Well done. 😀

      It’s not a favourite form of mine either. A bit rigid and forced, imo.

      1. I have to agree. I’m much more comfortable with free form or sestina. I know; the dreaded sestina. LOL. Still, it was a good exercise and I’m glad that you liked my little effort. I’ve not shared it anywhere but here, so enjoy.

  4. Hi Misky, I am working on my next book on Lentos and was wondering if you or any of your friends would be interested in contributing your work (only lento form of poetry) to the book. You can email me your piece/s along with a written consent at

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