Trifecta Writing Challenge: Normal Shadows

Normal Shadows

He stands over his trains,
he whistles, he toots,
he puffs engine sounds,
his world reflected in his smile.
These sounds that play in his
head like a lonely piccolo
are a whirl that hold him centre
and upright. He is just one step
into the shadows of what
the experts call normal,
and we love him
all the more for it.

Trifecta Writing Challenge: Word Prompt: 3rd Definition of Normal

Author: Misky

‘Misky’ lives in the UK surrounded by flowers, freshly baked bread, and always keeps dog biscuits in her pocket for her blind Springer Spaniel. She never buys clothing without pockets. Her work is widely published.

16 thoughts on “Trifecta Writing Challenge: Normal Shadows”

  1. This is beautiful, Misky. I can hear that lonely piccolo…and I LOVE this:
    “his world reflected in his smile.” Oh, that all of our worlds could be so simply touched. Gorgeous.

  2. Misk, you know I would HAVE to love this. Riley’s autism was Asperger’s, so subtle it went undiagnosed into her 20s. She would stare at an object, transfixed… but that’s considered normal in my family, and, considering the DNA… well, you know!

    This was a lovely write in that there is so much love and understanding implied. He is, like so many of us, “other-minded.” Love, Amy

  3. Oh, this was just lovely – every word. I especially love: “He is one step into the shadows of what the experts call normal.” What an amazing way to phrase it.

  4. Your words “He is one step into the shadows of what the experts call normal” hit home with me. I can relate wholeheartedly. My Noah is on the awesome spectrum, too.

  5. I really hope this one takes. (I’m finally able to login with Twitter, which means there is hope.) I wanted so much to write about my kids on the spectrum for this prompt, and I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. Love love loved what you did here.

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