Grandpa and The Coal Heap

19 thoughts on “Grandpa and The Coal Heap”

  1. I love this! I was down there in the basement with the timer and grandpa, laughing and shivering at the same time. I had a timer like that when I practiced violin as a child .. and I moved it forward too. You caught that part perfectly.

  2. I could totally visualize being the that basement with Grandpa “looking” on. It’s a shame your sister sent him away.

  3. oh, I adore this story!!!!!! awesome writing!!!!!!!!! if it were not 683 words and if it had the word “home” in it, it would win the trifecta challenge for sure (this is what I think, but I am not the decider obviously). Please please post a modified version of this adhering to those guidelines so you can win, this piece is a winner!!!!!!!!


  4. What a great story – you really bring the characters and that basement to life, and I love how matter-of-fact the children are about Grandpa standing in the corner. It’s kind of sad that the little sister made him go away, but maybe that’s just me.

  5. Great story poem, Misky. I could relate on so many levels to this one. Please keep doing these. They’re good, entertaining, and add flavor to the day.

  6. Lovely, Misky! Be sure to check the OLJ site tomorrow for the featured poem results :)

    I really enjoyed this. It was both touching and haunting, in all the right ways, and a fantastic example of what a prose poem can do that perhaps “mere” poetry and “mere” prose cannot.

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