The Sculptor

The Sculptor

The blessing of a chisel in an artisan’s hand, creative
warriors taking up arms against the splendor
of white iced grace, a marble remote in its silence,
shaken by a rugged steady hand and inspiration.
He is long suffering for his art. A fierce strike of his
hammer carves life to form, and a graceful reclining
nude is born. Or maybe it’s a cow.


The Sunday Whirl Wordle #73

Wordle Words for prompt #73: rugged, cows, warriors, shaken, blessing, grace, suffering, marble, remote, silence, fierce, splendor


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  1. LOVED this. The ending is great. Nice use of the words… inventive sculpting!

  2. Reminds me of Da Vinci or Michelangelo sculpting. Lovely!~! :)

  3. hahahaha… I was so sucked in and then the last line — loved your idea, though.

  4. This is great… love the ending!!

  5. Inventive and hilarious. Thanks for visiting me.

  6. Wonderful, Misky! And your ending is perfect!

  7. hah, there’s always this “maybe it’s a cow” at the end of all art, it seems…

  8. The last line is a wonderful chuckle. As I have seen art that is um, challenging to interpret. Delightful read.

    Thanks for continuing to visit my saga. Wordle On!

  9. Thank goodness I wasn’t sipping my coffee at the end line! LOL Love it!!

  10. Rofl! that last line was just perfect.

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