Sixteen Retrospect

Sixteen Retrospect

To you young
girl with pale skin,
hair the shade
of midnight,
find your way through darkened days
back into the warmth of sunlight.

To you young
girl whose potential
is ignored,
trust yourself,
entrust your heart to your pen
and write until dark ink runs dry.

To you young
girl, sweet sixteen is
a bitter
taste forlorn
but he is there, where paths do cross
so keep on to yourself.



We Write Poems, Prompt #122 Words of Wisdom to a 16-Year-Old Self

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  1. Part of me just wants to imagine that this poem today reached back in time, was heard by your younger self and helped you become who you are today! Well written.

  2. This is a poem of healing. It is never too late to go back and lend a helping hand to that one who lives there, deep inside. That is the beginning of wisdom,


  3. I think at some time the sixteen year old self only listens to their self. And yet there are restrictions on movement and action, so the pen can become that friend that is lacking because of the needed moves parents had to make. Everything makes us what we are. Looking back can sometimes be scary, and yet as it has been said also healing.

    I’m here:

  4. It most certainly is. And one lifetime is never enough, lol.


  5. It’s hard to give good advice. I’m betting your 16 would have appreciated this.

  6. Such excellent advice, because we are not sixteen now, are we?

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