The Alliteration of Skipper

The Alliteration of Skipper

She was an artist, according
to her tarot card, but we
all knew her as Skipper.
Her tresses were the colour
of rich, red bruised tomatoes,
falling in a slow saunter
of lilting curls that swayed and bounced
with each musical step.
Soulful, perhaps she was,
but she was a song without a lyric,
an exterior without substance,
and she skipped rope whilst chanting
a string of alliterations
that started with the letter S –
Our Skipper – she was silent
and sensuous, she was
a silhouette without a shadow.

Written to the Sunday Whirl Wordle #74

(c) Miskmask September 2012

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  1. It must be red-head week. I wrote a poem about red-headed dancer.

    I like yours. Not only does it describe her physically but tells us of her character. Nice wording throughout.

  2. “a silhouette without a shadow” – amazing!
    I have a small trouble with “skipper”, though. I know the word only as a sort of “ship captain”, but it somehow evades me here.
    I like the way you whirled the words, and the image of tarrot cards intermingled in the picture :-) I love tarrot.

  3. Gorgeous writing here! I especially loved: “a song without a lyric,
    an exterior without substance” and “a silhouette without a shadow.”

  4. Misk, A nice little jaunt through those insidious words. Very expressive.

  5. Skipper…the angel without a shadow just waiting…
    I actually thought of Barbie’s little sister… as I was the tag-a-long, mostly unnoticed shadow in my youth. Sometimes still waiting…It’s a melancholy afternoon…
    I’m here:

  6. Wow, your talent shines.

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