Grandmother’s Five Bolts

Five bolts across the door,
one for every burglar who made off
with bits of her life, leaving her shook to the core,
and her mind a dark storm. She’d trapped

each one here, kept them in the dark, damp corners
of her cellar, these five thieves in the night, to remain
stashed amongst tubs of wood ash, bundles of newspaper,
and rolls of dried corn husk. She’d keep them down here
for their own moral good, maybe bring them old bread

and tepid water every few days – she was after all
of a Christian and charitable heart. Yes, she thought,
that’s what she’d do, if she caught one of them stealing
bits of her life again; she’d squirrel them away in this cellar.

Slowly, she climbed the basement stairs, pulling herself
up each step with a pull at the handrail. And then she
double-checked each of the five door bolts
before calling out goodnight to the cat.

Sunday’s Whirl Wordle #75
This week’s 12 words are: bolts, ash, shook, trapped, corners, remain, damp, bundles, climbed, storm, bring, husk,

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  1. I smiled at her bravado and not wanting to be beaten by the burglars, climbing the basement steps was so vivid. What a sad way to have to live for so many of us in reality though.
    Really enjoyed this. Loved the cat :)

  2. It also made me smile. Nicely done.

  3. This is an engaging tale. I like the idea of locking them in cellar, and empathise with her fear.

  4. Excellent — those burglars are great metaphors.

  5. magicalmysticalteacher 23 September 2012 — 3:37 pm

    A macabre tale!

    A Little Whirl

  6. What a wonderful piece!! I enjoyed!

  7. I can almost see this as a CSI show segment…’Granny Got Her Gumption’. And those theives were only found after the neighbors came to call and found she’d passed quietly in her sleep…but the burglars – all five, where just barely alive…

    I’m here, down a different dark road:

  8. The empowerment in the face of fear is not only inspiring but somehow absolutely delightful … Bravo! :)

  9. While reading this, I didn’t see real physical burglars, but images from the past that steal our present moments. Love the story and the self-empowerment it describles. You go Granny,


  10. I love your take on this Misk! It’s different from anything else I’ve read and with that,quite wonderful – the words fit seamlessly and the story is enchanting – well done.

  11. Oh well done!

    Anna :o]

  12. Marilyn, this is extraordinary. You’ve done a masterful job with these words!

  13. Wow, you serve up a perfect haunt of what happened and the hurt, and what she could do if it happens again. “And she double-checked each of the five door bolts before calling out goodnight to the cat.” Wonderful image. I love how you created this story and left out so much, much yet left to imagine. Well done.

  14. You’ve outdone yourself again my friend. Excellent write. It almost had the feel of a novel.


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