A Letter Home

This Epistle Poem was written for a prompt elsewhere but I’m tweaking and reposting it for We Write Poems prompt #124

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  1. You will be very welcome here. No Spam!

  2. Ominous retrospect. Hope the next letter home doesn’t start with “The Department regrets to inform you…”
    Well done.

  3. The Spam comment got to me. My father, a Marine vet, used to say the same thing.

  4. The optimistic tone of the epistle is very touching in retrospect, knowing what actually awaited them in Normandy. A fine poem :)

  5. One has to wonder if the tone and content are meant to save other’s feelings. History is an amazing thing and we can so often learn from it, when we choose. Very well written,


  6. Enjoyed the brevity of lines, sorta short bursts of anticipation (& covert anxiety?) at the unknown to come but trying to reassure parents that it is O.K. Thanks for the postcard poem form.

  7. Spam. I thought of the play Spam O’lot. Very thoughtful and inventive presentation. I was a bit stumped and only offered up a trifle. If this prompt ever re-emerges I now have several way in which to rethink my own offerings.

    But for the moment this is all I’ve got:

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