Stirring whirlpools in milky
coffee – sip tea before bed.
Deep pillows of dreams for passing
the hours – clocks that chime at quarter
marks. Church bells calling the faithful –
prayers and chants, candles
and benedictions. We stir
whirlpools in the Milky Way.
A “Stream of Consciousness” poem written for We Write Poems Prompt #125

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  1. This creates such a graceful gentle deep swirling, Misky!! Beautifully written, “stream.”

    • Aaah, I’m so pleased that you liked it, Hannah. Thank you. I’ll do the reciprocal reading/commenting tomorrow as it’s my bedtime now. :)

  2. Such a beautiful whirl through the little gestures and sounds which make up a seemingly-mundane moment. I love the distant associations between all the pieces of this scene.

  3. Swirls in our drinks and in our eyes — fun

  4. I do truly believe that while we may be but specks in the great swirl we are important.

    Thanks for your visit – I try to see the glass half full.
    Some days it is easier than others…

  5. I’m delighted by how you streamed ‘whirlpool’. :)

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