The Banyon

I am a tangled
tagliatelle tree, whose
branches reach for release
in the clouds. Climb my slim,
proud, ribbonous strands.
Hug me.
For I am a tree.

Trifextra: Week Thirty-Six. Prompt: Choose a photo and give us a metaphor or simile to help describe what you see in 33 words or less. This poem is 30 words, including the title. To join in the fun, pop over to Trifecta


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  1. Now I’m hungry for Italian food :( haha

  2. I loved your beautiful desrcriptive words and the “hug me” was a neat twist.

  3. If I could get passed the spookiness (to me) of the tree, it would be perfect for climbing.

  4. Tagliatelle tree – I love that. And I hug every tree I get close enough to so I’m with you on that one. I like that the tree is speaking.

  5. Pasta? Now I’m craving. Love the “Hug me. Tighter.”

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