Just For Today

There are days, like today,
when I’m hanging out limp, wet
bed sheets on the line, and the air
is more soggy with fog

than the sheets are damp,
that I think that Dada woman,
Baroness Elsa von Freytag Loringhoven,
might’ve had the right idea.

Just go a bit wild and be a bit
over-the-top and be everything
that we shouldn’t be. At least
. . . Just for today.

Inspired by a post written by JLynn Sheridan of Writing on the Sun and Poetic Bloomings Wednesday Form prompt for a “Carpe Diem/Seize the Day” poem.

Author: Misky

‘Misky’ lives in the UK surrounded by flowers, freshly baked bread, and always keeps dog biscuits in her pocket for her blind Springer Spaniel. She never buys clothing without pockets. Her work is widely published.

6 thoughts on “Just For Today”

  1. Thank you for exposing me to this remarkable woman. I jog back to leave a note after some research about this artist. How brave. I now understand the core of your poem. I am so conservative (staid?) so this poem is prompt to, perhaps, wear my hair down today.

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