Squirrelling Away Adverbs and Adjectives

7 thoughts on “Squirrelling Away Adverbs and Adjectives”

  1. I like it. Still seeing our squirrels – not so bushy in the tail, old wives tales say the fluffier the tail the colder the winter. But then the paper the other day said they had no clue for predictions this year as it has been a tad off kilter. Which sometimes inspiration is!

    If we were to ever redo our bath, the one with the bath – I think the only way to make it deeper would be to replace the tub itself. While it, I guess is deep enough for me – there are no tiles…just that free form plastic wall… Because our fireplace runs up through the middle of the house the only way to enlarge that space would be to take space away from our room which isn’t all that big. So that probably won’t be done. I’ll live.

    Nutty words, yet soothing :)

      1. Supposedly there is a leash law for anything domestic with four feet. So only a few cats prowl freely here. But we do have other critters by our creek, otter, muskrat, geese, ducks, – thought I saw a beaver once. And a fox in the middle of a winter night. Opossum too.

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