Those Malicious Stars

Those Malicious Stars I am just another child. Crying, dribbling, feeble. Shrieking and cutting teeth. I’m chicken-poxed, rosy- rashed, and whooping-coughed. Just another damaged child born under malicious stars, and stowed as dunnage. So I sit on my naughty stair, my ugly step, watching. Learning…     written for AprilPAD Day 12: “Damaged”. Published by … Continue reading Those Malicious Stars

Miz Quickly Wants Cookies

A Night Growl  Night is a ravenous growl – swallowing up light, gorging on moonbeams and stars struck against black. Those dark hours are a tight twist of stars – one by one, falling  into dawn’s thin horizon. And night growls at the sun’s gnawing rise.       This is a reworked version of a poem from 27 June “Strung Against Black. Tweakage: changed verb … Continue reading Miz Quickly Wants Cookies

Miz Quickly’s Either Or

A Summer Sharp Shower The wind rushed at us through the pines as if it were March, the dry creek rising ankle deep and picking up everything with the greediest of intent. Branches snagging against rocks, leaves held back by a discarded tyre, plastic bags freed from the bottom silt, and the month of June … Continue reading Miz Quickly’s Either Or

More Stone Nail Soup

Originally posted on Who Is Selma Siri:
Those Backstreets it was like those rambling narratives, those adventures in blackened air with episodic backstreets to corrupt. the nights nefariously unfolding on to the streets. those sooty accounts of nightlife thick as a potter’s hand – so nocturnal picaresque that enclaves turned fluid as gender on a…

Miz Quickly Observes the Solstice

written for Miz Quickly This one needs a lot of tweaking; not happy with it – a bit too singsongy for my liking also, but thought I’d should get it down in print before I lost my thoughts.

Miz Quickly’s Words Words Words

A Pair of Opposites That girl, she was a leaning purr. Displayed herself as bright foil shines. Or like a grassy rooted rainbow. And that guy beside her, he was a crow. Caught. In a trap. They posed and reaffirmed – opposites attract.   written for Miz Q’s Word prompt

Dreamy Graffiti for Margo.

Dreams that Write They couldn’t help themselves, those sleepy words that spilled out of her dreams. Like pebbles. She’d wake and write, arranged them into tasty bites, poetic order by some nocturnal rite, but every time she turned her back, they’d run about and scatter like musical chairs – like stars that fling themselves across … Continue reading Dreamy Graffiti for Margo.