Haibun Monday for dVerse

Those Forbidden Syllables Hers was a staring life, dull to the touch with all those forbidden syllables, and she thought winter too cold and heaven too distant. She was of humble people, complete all the way down to there, where bad days she blamed on old superstitions, and ill-tempered days brought her too close to … Continue reading Haibun Monday for dVerse

Day 5 OctPoWriMo 2015

Days of Cynicism and Folly I saw in her face the fatigue of long waiting, a blank gaze, a shut-in lost in misplaced steps – her thoughts trampled and stifled in the press of traffic noise and fumes, and she sat with her back against all weather, and a rattling cup with some small coins … Continue reading Day 5 OctPoWriMo 2015

For Sunday Whirl #219

Between Wind and Tree Wind, call to me. Press me tender with one whispered word. Flush me with your seaborne purity, and speed my leaves like confetti left pressed between air. Shed whispers of wishes, one word, maybe two, and I swear to lean into your winter force, and list in your gales, threat that … Continue reading For Sunday Whirl #219

Line Em Up for dVerse

Anagrams and Apparitions The heart makes the simplest things so damn complicated. We go all volcanic, inclement, powerless, and oddly well-read in anagrams and apparitions. We shoot eggs with guns, read the future in stochastic yolk splatters, and then we ache, hearts stunned, like electrical blockages, as we try to dissect shade from shadow when … Continue reading Line Em Up for dVerse